Deliver Super Fast Integrated Telecoms

BOS Switchboard FREE offers you and your organisation a revolutionary new way to seamlessly manage your telecommunications with one simple to use online switchboard where you can direct inbound calls from your free new 084 telephone number to any UK land line or *mobile. There are no set-up or monthly costs whatsoever!

What the system offers:

UK's largest & fastest growing FREE call manager, with over 30,000 UK users

FREE virtual PBX Phone System

2 FREE 084 numbers connected to your virtual PBX

Call forwarding to either UK Landlines or UK Mobiles

Choose from over 20 different free genres of Hold Music

Email Alerts for all Voicemails & missed calls sent to your email & phone

Add an Auto Receptionist at no cost (Press 1 for sales, press 2 for...)

SEO call tracking tools available - Track calls from pages/keywords

Advanced call statistics including missed call lists

Enterprise Software for Call Centres, New Start-up’s and Homeworkers

Use Call Screening to Identify the number your clients are calling

Fast Setup with Instant Activation

The Business Switchboard System that ensures that you never miss a call ever again

Manage your BOS Switchboard Free call system from any where... from the office, home or on the train or whilst out in the car with our new iPhone and iPad apps.

If you know that you are looking for a call system to meet the needs of your business but

are not sure if this is it... why not call us for quick chat about what it could do for you!

Delivering Super Fast, Integrated Telecoms Technologyfor Business, Organisations & Entrepreneurs

SwitchboardFREE is the UK's largest and fastest growing free call manager.

Bos Switchboard FREE provides a business class telecoms solution for business. Redirect your calls via your switchboard to reroute and manage your calls and callers. Never miss a call again.
Item Name Price
Get 2 FREE 084 non Geographical numbers Free
Redirect to UK land lines Free
Full Virtual Switchboard Dashboard Free
Unlimited redirects to UK mobiles £9.97 pcm

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